Can freelancers lead a productive lifestyle?


Many people dream of having a job from home. You know how that goes, everyone thinks how you are always home, therefore, many don't even realize how much tasks you actually complete daily. Yet, if you have caught yourself in some hard or boring routine and think about how you are missing life, check out the facts below and learn how to organize yourself!

1. Limit work time. Personally, this one is the hardest. You must limit the time you are available to your clients. If you are constantly online and chatting with your clients about the job, or doing some ''easy'' tasks when you should have dinner (after a long day of work), that means how you are working 0-24. Be sure to create a routine of your work hours.

2. Create time for meals and breaks. I know, I know... You probably eat in bed or at your work table, right? Well, you must change that. Create the time for preparing your lunch and take a break. No, not while you are just editing ''that page.''

3. Go out. You must go out at least 2 hours per day. Call your friend or go for a walk with your dog, if you have one. Be sure that you are the one who goes grocery shopping (I know, it may not sound fun, yet you will at least go for a walk).

4. You need a hobby. When you are home and constantly thinking about your job or completing some ''small tasks'' while your family is watching TV, that means how you immediately need to get some hobby. Playing video games is also okay, but the best would be to get some physical activity.

5. You don't need to explain your lifestyle to anyone. Many people won't take your job seriously. Yet, you don't need to explain to anyone how your lifestyle looks like.

Overall, be sure that you don't lose yourself in your job. Besides that, stop reading about that SEO app while you are resting and thinking about having dinner. Just kidding, but you got the point, right?.

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